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Thanks for visiting my website and hope you find something of interest! 

Whilst weddings have been a large part of the last ten years I have now come to a decision that I will not be taking any more bookings. I will continue to cover events but I will be concentrating on other aspects of photography and all will be revealed soon...

I will still continue as the official photographer at The Royal National Mod (now coming up to my tenth year) which is one of the largest events in Scotland, attracting both spectators and competitors from all over the world. From covering weddings, indoor and outdoor events and working with the public and private sector I have amassed considerable experience in many different photographic fields. 

I hope that my love of the subject shows through in the finished results. You can be assured that I will commit 100% of my efforts to meet - and hopefully exceed - your expectations. I pride myself on empathy - understanding and being aware of the surrounding environment, whether it is built, natural or human - and try to convey this as naturally as possible through the lens in an original but effective manner.

If I can be of further help or if you would like to find out if I am free on any specific date then please visit my calendar page and contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you...